Precautions for the use of the hottest bacteria co

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Precautions for the use of the bacteria collector

1.1 loosen the peristaltic pump handle and hook of the instrument, put the hose of the incubator into the positioning slot of the peristaltic pump correctly, and lock the peristaltic pump handle and hook

the servo electro-hydraulic experimental machine can well control the experimental rate

1.2 press the experimental results to automatically save the "run" key or step on the foot switch, the instrument will start, and the output speed of the instrument will be displayed on the display screen. The speed of instrument operation can be adjusted at any time through the "up", "down" keys and the "30R", "100r", "140R" and "160r" gear keys according to the needs. The maximum speed is 220rpm and the minimum useful speed is 30rpm

1.3 when the powder injection is dissolved, it is advocated to use the rotation speed around 30 RPM (you can directly press the "30R" key to start); In the filtration operation of high-volume injection, it is advocated to use the rotation speed of 160 RPM (you can directly press the "160r" key to start); Then make fine adjustments according to the detailed needs, and use the "up" and "down" keys to make up and down adjustments

1.4 press the "stop" key or step on the foot switch when replacing the test article and finishing the filtration, and the instrument will stop working

2 precautions

2.1 it is necessary for the instrument to be grounded

2.2 if the sterile room is disinfected with chemical disinfectant, the instrument should be placed in the sealed cover or moved out of the sterile room to prevent damage to electronic components and corrosion of metal accessories

2.3 the filter membrane on the sampling probe should be kept dry, the air flow should be dredged, and the liquid should be fed normally. The method is that when the sampling needle is inserted into the bottled fluid sample, it should be turned on first, and then the volumetric flask should be reversed

2.4 when replacing the test article or finishing the filtration, the machine should be shut down first, otherwise too high air pressure will occur in the incubator, causing the rubber cap to pop out and affecting the application. The rubber cap can be removed to vent and eliminate the pressure in the incubator

2.5 if there are too many bubbles in the liquid inlet pipe, reduce the rotating speed of the peristaltic pump, and check whether the air inlet filter membrane is soaked. If the liquid cannot be injected, check whether the liquid inlet needle pipe is dredged

2.6 do not put your hand into the peristaltic pump during the operation of the instrument, and start the machine after the handle and hook of the peristaltic pump are buckled

2.7 it is necessary to turn off the instrument when replacing or fastening the runner, and the power operation will not consume energy due to excess energy or idling

2.8 prevent the runner from being sterilized by high temperature or damp heat, prevent the runner from being soaked and disinfected, and scrub and clean the runner in time when the liquid enters the runner

2.9 prevent continuous stepping on the foot switch

2.10 after stepping on the foot switch, the foot cannot be released immediately, and it should be postponed appropriately until the instrument starts or stops

2.11 prevent the foot switch from being placed in a highly corrosive and oxidizing environment

2.12 prevent liquid from entering the inside of the foot switch

2.13 prevent liquid from penetrating into the casing

3 protection and maintenance

3.1 protection

the working environment of the instrument should meet the requirements to ensure the service life of the instrument. Please protect and check it regularly

3.2 maintenance

3.2.1 after the use of the instrument. On its appearance, Frederick ignatz Hoover, chief scientist of Eastman Chemical's tire additive business, pointed out to scrub and adhere to cleaning

3.2.2 the peristaltic pump and drainage tank shall be cleaned regularly, and the detachable parts (except the runner) can be sterilized with damp heat

3.2.3 regularly clean the moving block shaft, especially when there is liquid entering

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