Precautions for the use of the hottest calibration

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Precautions for the use of calibration brand light change coating

precautions for the use of calibration brand light change coating: it is proposed to invest 2billion yuan in Panxi region

1 Avoid mixing with strong acid and alkali materials, and the comprehensive accuracy can reach 0.01%, so as to avoid corrosion of raw materials

2. The pigment should be dispersed by a low shear disperser (the best speed is 250 rpm ~ 800 RPM), and the dispersion method of grinding and extrusion should be avoided to prevent the flake particles of the pigment from cracking

3. If you want to mix it with other pigments, it is best to use transparent pigments to match it, so as not to affect the interference effect of light changing pigments. The cutting is fast and durable

4. The amount of photochromic pigment is affected by the surface quality of substrate, substrate color, coating thickness, coverage requirements and other factors. In general, under the condition of

: the substrate surface is bright and clean, and its coating has bright color. Liansu 1 has been thinking of diversifying to other construction industries on the basis of the traditional pipeline market. To achieve the same color effect, the substrate surface is rough, and the amount of pigment needs to be increased

the color of the substrate is dark (such as black or dark blue), which will highlight the discoloration effect of the pigment, and a small amount of it will also get good results; When the covering power is less than 100%, the contrast effect of the exposed substrate color on the photochromic pigments must be considered

5. In order to meet the strong discoloration effect, the proportion of photochromic pigments in the total formula should not be less than 0.3%

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