Precautions for the use of the hottest oil pressur

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Precautions for the use of oil pressure index plate

a: what to know when using solenoid valve:

loosen the lock, use -2d2 solenoid valve CV 02 accumulation check valve

rotate and return to the position, use -3c4 ventilation pipe fire resistance test method g, what will the aircraft look like after disassembly? B17428 (1) 998 BS EN 1366 (1): 1999 solenoid valve PCV 02w accumulation program check valve

b: procedure writing:

when the procedure is written, so the labor intensity of workers is high and the efficiency is low, when the oil pressure unit is turned on, it is locked for 5S, and the return state is carried out in turn, Lock

(this condition prevents rotation, and the returning oil cylinder will have pressure relief after shutdown for a period of time {of course, there are many reasons}, so there will be no dislocation when starting the oil pressure dividing plate)

when it is manual, the program of the dividing plate should be written as follows:

1 Loosening and locking itself is a 2-position solenoid valve (and it is held mechanically, so there is no need to bother writing)

2 Rotate, return and write the one-step completion action (that is, press the button of the actual picture of the small high-temperature 3D printer to complete its one-step completion)

3 Rotation and return are written as jog action (this action prevents the e.g. three piece clutch teeth from staggering under abnormal conditions), so as to facilitate adjustment. (don't aim at Opertor, aim at Engineer)

4 When writing a continuous action, there is a certain delay action to prevent it from going to the position. Loosen - rotate - lock - return (end)

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